Having come to the understanding that synergizing our efforts and bringing together our diverse understanding of the issue of Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling will present to us all a common narrative that will unify policy efforts constructed on the resonances of diverse demographic and political realities.


We the undersigned organisations therefore affirm to the need of lending a trans-cultural and transnational meaning to the fight against human trafficking by joining forces to create Global Africans Against Slavery (GLAAS) A continental coalition of all relevant stakeholders in the fight against trafficking.


GLAAS  is not comprised of civic societies and Non-governmental organisations only, but corporate organisations, as well as private entities whose work consciously or unconsciously affects the trajectory of trafficking in the African communities , not leaving out the religious and cultural entities who are well positioned to make a huge difference.


We are of the opinion in GLAAS that the first and most successful place to end trafficking is on our DOOR STEPS, so the sensitization of the people on the antics and ploys of traffickers to lure them to destinations where they can have the power to inhibit their freedom is of great importance .



We chose to Recognise the concept that all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights and should be enabled to have the capacity to contribute constructively to the development and well being of their societies and that all human societies should be built on the foundation of shared values of tolerance, solidarity and pluralism.


On the above premise we reaffirm that all human right begins on an individual’s state of freedom, economical, physical and intellectual inclusive.


We Declare that slavery in all its forms is an inimical   ideological construct that assigns illicitly obtained power over others either on the basis of a notion of superiority, exploitative dominance and criminality and that its scientifically false, morally condemnable ,socially unjust ,a grave injustice and dangerous to our collective well being as a society.

In GLAAS we believe we can save everyone and all we need is everyone and we identify Travel and Tour Agencies, VISA Agents, Road Transport workers, Seaport and Airport officials, Hospitality Management Leaders, the Media and creatives, Law makers, religious leaders, Culture experts and Educationists as well as our respective government agencies and law enforcement arms as pivotal  orgs in the fight to totally eliminate trafficking and migrant smuggling in the continent of Africa hinged on an effective collaboration with Diaspora Africa.



We further declare that human trafficking and migrant smuggling Is a gross violations of human rights and occurs in the form of unjust exploitation, desperation and misinformation, constituting a threat to peace and development of all human societies and therefore, must be addressed with all appropriate resources and means, and this has motivated our resolve to tackle the menace wholly.


The following organizations endorse this declaration: