About Us

The Global Africans Against Slavery (GLAAS) was formed to eliminate the complex problems of Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Migrants(HTMS) by deconstructing the inter-connectedness of the diverse underlying issues influencing its rise in our communities.
By synergizing efforts and bringing together our diverse understandings of the issue of Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling in our different nations and communities will allow us to forge a path that will unify policy efforts with our field engagements hinged on the resonances of diverse demography of our socio-cultural and political realities, which shall be extremely effective in demobilizing this menace totally.


GLAAS operates on the module of multi-sectoral partnership with all identified stakeholders in the fight against Human Trafficking which it invites to the Coalition.
GLAAS recognizes and invites Cultural Leaders, Religious Leaders, Civic Society groups, Travel and Tour agencies, Hospitality Management officials, Road and Sea Transport and Airport officials, as well as Media Practitioners, Creative Artists, Mental Health Experts, Labour Unions, Law Makers, Elected Rural Council members, Political Parties, Ward Chairmen/women, and every concerned citizen in Africa both at home and in the Diaspora as relevant participants in this fight.

Who We Are

GLAAS is a multi-sectoral coalition of relevant stakeholders in the fight against Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling, committed to a practical, hands on engagement in the fight against Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling (HTMS). We believe that the first and most successful place to end trafficking is on our own DOORSTEPS. Subsequently, the sensitization of all people on the antics and ploys of traffickers to lure innocent victims to destinations where they can have the power to inhibit their freedom is of great importance;incorporating modern ideas in scuttling the antics of traffickers and well as ensuring the creation of an enabling environment that will encourage Africans to pursue and live their dreams on the continent, re-indoctrination of survivors, protecting the potential victims and ensuring legal penalization of the perpetrators.